5 Tips for Remote Workers Working From Home

Zahid Karakaya · 31 October 2023

5 Tips for Remote Workers Working From Home

Transitioning to working from home full-time as an SEO Specialist and Freelance Web Designer approximately 4 years ago has been a fantastic journey for me. I love the freedom and flexibility it offers. Based on my experiences during this time, I thought it would be nice to share some tips and advice on how I stay productive and focused while working remotely.

Change Your Clothes

Instead of sitting in front of my computer in pajamas, I wear everyday clothes. Whether I have a video meeting scheduled for the day or not, wearing regular clothes instead of pajamas makes me feel better. Choosing an outfit in the morning, rather than staying in pajamas I wore to bed, gives me a sense of starting my day. I'm sure you'll feel the difference when you try this tip.

Finish Household Chores Before Starting Work

If you're a perfectionist like me, you might find yourself thinking about the unnecessary items cluttering your workspace and needing to be cleaned up, distracting you from fully focusing on your work. I try to keep my surroundings as organized as possible before my work hours. This way, my mind doesn't wander to the mess around me while working; I can concentrate solely on my tasks.

Ensure Your Workspace is Comfortable

I've set up a small office space at home. After working on a small, shaky, cramped desk with a 13” MacBook for nearly two years, I realized it was time for a change. I invested in a spacious desk and a monitor. Escaping from that situation was a relief, and after exploring Ikea's products, I transitioned to a new desk that is about 2 meters long. Having a comfortable and uncluttered workspace has made my work much more enjoyable and increased my productivity by about 70-80%. To be honest, I occasionally think, 'I wish I had made this change sooner.'

Move and Get Fresh Air

It's easy to forget you've been sitting in a chair all day when you love what you do. However, sitting in front of a screen in a fixed position for extended periods isn't good for your health. Take short breaks to stand up and move around a bit or, even better, go for a short walk outside. It will help clear your mind. Also, your back and hips will thank you for these short breaks.

Don’t Overexert Yourself

I absolutely love what I do. When I have a truly enjoyable project to work on, I can get lost in it and work for hours without a break. There have been many times when I forgot to eat during periods when I didn't manage my time effectively.

Thinking that you need to overwork to handle your workload might seem appealing at first. However, you need to make this distinction: when working from home, you don't have the excuse of having to leave the office at 5 to go home for dinner. You're already home.

You must ensure there's a separation between work and personal time. Allocate time for yourself and allow your mind to rest adequately. Constantly straining your mind isn't good for you; it makes you less productive during working hours. Rest and fill your to-do list for the next day accordingly.

How Do You Stay Productive?

Everyone likely has different tips and tricks that work for them to stay productive from their home office. What are your suggestions for staying productive at your home office? Feel free to reach out to me on my social media accounts.