How Will Coronavirus Impact Developers

If you just check "home office" and "work from home" specific keywords on google trends you'll see the impact. Coronavirus effect is terrible we all agree with that but as a Web Developer we are rock solid. Let me tell you why

Everything is shutdown, entire 8 billion people lockdown, travel bans in everywhere, we just cant go in / go out some places. I dont think we are able to go outside very soon, we have never seen anything like this. In my opinion it will take months to recover. As a web developer what we should do? and Why we are rock solid against Coronavirus?

How to spend your time in home?

Well.. its a good time to start learning new things. Here is the few things that will improve your skills in home;

1-)Taking Trainings / Courses

2-)Read Books (Code)

3-)Get Better at Code

4-)Practice (Mostly)

If you already done with learning (atleast good at HTML-CSS and a little bit of JS) and ready to work from home, this is time to go and get clients online. Because as a developer I promise you, need and demand is only gonna be spiking up even more, because working from home is spiking up and people are gonna see power of being developer.

Just imagine that job opportunities for millions of people, millions of developers needed but only just few hundreds of thousands people graduate from colleges. Now, in this time, demand for web developers has even higher because of whats going on world right now..


The Modern JavaScript Tutorial



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